Find the Right Class For You

Dec 12 / Build Muscle


The free-range chicken or the glazed salmon? The grounded paralegal or the gorgeous waitress? Iyengar or Bikram? You’re barraged with choices every second of your life. Yes, this is normally a good thing (sometimes you have a taste for salmon and sometimes you feel like devouring a waitress). But the problem with options is: Make the wrong decision and you could end up with a dinner entrée you hate, married to the wrong woman, or missing out on the incredible benefits of a yoga class that’s just right for you. 

We can’t help you navigate the women or the menus in your life (at least not in this article), but we do have some expert guidance on the yoga front. First, almost all classes you’ll come across are forms of Hatha yoga, an umbrella term for styles that emphasize postures and breathing exercises over the more meditative and devotional aspects. But under that umbrella, there are many, many styles or “brands” to choose from, and they often have names that won’t mean much to you if you haven’t brushed up on your Sanskrit. You’ve seen them offered on the bulletin board in your gym or posted at local studios: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, plus that Iyengar business we mentioned, and don’t forget Bikram, either . . .