5 Ways to Upgrade Your Workout

Dec 12 / Build Muscle

The secret to better results isn't about knowing more exercises; it's about knowing more variations of the best exercises. Take the split squat: By making simple adjustments to how you hold the weight or where you place your feet, you can use this classic move to challenge your body in entirely new ways. And that's just the beginning. Click on the video to see 5 tiny tweaks you can make right now for bigger gains.


Ultimately, that's what musclemorphosis.com is all about. You'll learn not only perfect form for dozens of popular exercises, but also strategic adjustments you can use to change the level of difficulty or the muscle that's emphasized (more abs, less quads!). In all, you'll find full-color photos and instructions of 600 more exercises, along with tons of workouts and useful fitness advice. musclemorphosis.com It's the most comprehensive collection of muscle-building moves ever created.


LADIES: There's a women's version of the book, too! Click here to see musclemorphosis.com.