6 Keys to Running Farther Than Ever Before

Dec 12 / Build Muscle


Now's the perfect time to focus on building your endurance from an easy 25-minute jog and eliminating those walk breaks so you can go longer. Sure, it's tough to log a personal record every day as you progress as a runner. At a certain point, the huge gains in fitness are going to naturally level off, and that can be a letdown.

"At first, every run you do is going to be longer and faster than it was before, but at some point those wins are going to be harder to come by," says Boston-based running coach Jeff Gaudette of RunnersConnect. This period in your running is a good time to make some long-term goals to work toward, says Gaudette. That way, even the short, easy runs that aren't PRs for speed or distance are steps toward achieving the larger goal ahead.

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