Recovery Week from Exercise

Dec 12 / Build Muscle

For most people, exercising too much isn't a problem, however, for those of you that do exercise week in, week out, you should consider taking a week off for recovery.

If you are training with weights or interval training (as you should be if you want maximum health benefits and fat loss), then every 12 weeks I recommend you decrease the amount of intense exercise.

For example, if you are currently doing resistance training and interval training three days per week, you could do only one normal workout in your recovery week. You should stay active everyday, but you'd engage in low intensity activities such as walking or bodyweight exercises only.

Taking a week off from your regular intense schedule will allow your muscles and joints to recover, and help you avoid overuse injuries. So schedule a week off before your body schedules one for you.

For many people, "life" often throws in enough recovery breaks, but the schedule above is a good way to take a break if you never miss a workout.

Sometimes taking time off is harder than sticking to the plan,

Muscle Morphosis, MS
Author, Turbulence Training for Fat Loss

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