Monday's Workout

Dec 12 / Build Muscle

Went in a little early this morning because Bally the Dog is still on a weekend sleepover at the dog-camp lady's house...

Got in and did...

1A) Bench - worked up to 285
1B) RDL - 3x6

2A) DB Incline - 3x8 with 80s
2B) BB Row - 3x8 with 205

That was it. The extra rest and warmup for the bench press made the workout long...50 minutes.

Thats it. Not much else to report. Good trip to Chicago on the weekend, but now I'm home until next monday when i head down to washington for a few days.

Train hard but safe,

Muscle Morphosis, MS

PS - Don't forget the 5th TT Transformation Contest starts today...

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