Meathead Metabolic Workout

Dec 12 / Build Muscle

Today's workout changed as there is no TRX set up. It ended up being this Metabolic workout in Joel Marions garage.

Rd1 (3 rounds of 30 seconds each):
Elvtd pushups, kb swings, mb slams, db csr;

Rd2 (3 round of 30 seconds each): db press, goblet squat, mntn clmbr, db rdr;

Rd3 (3 rounds of 20 seconds each): db row, goblet lunge, med ball chest pass...

Finished with one more superset of db incline and pullups

Muscle Morphosis

PS - TT for C-B-S Abs is now available as the April 2013 Workout


It's all about "SCS - Stretch Contract Stability" for ripped abs and a strong core.