The Complex That Firebombs Fat in Just 5 Minutes

Dec 12 / Build Muscle

A complex is one of the fastest ways to burn fat. You never have to put down the weights, so you move non-stop from exercise to exercise with zero rest.


Check out one of my favorite complexes below. on

The constant motion allows you to cram a ton of work into a short amount of time, keep your heart rate elevated, and hit a ton of muscle groups at once. And using a single dumbbell instead of two will target strength imbalances between sides, and better engage your abs and glutes.

The result is a fat-burning strength and cardio firestorm.


Here’s how to do it: Grab a single dumbbell and do the following exercises in a row on your left side. For each move, perform as many reps as possible in 30 seconds before immediately moving on to the next exercise. Don’t rest.

1. Single-arm bent-over row
2. Single-arm overhead press
3. Single-arm lateral lunge
4. Single-arm front squat
5. Single-arm swing

Once you complete 5 exercises, switch to your right side and repeat.

It takes 5 minutes to complete one round. That’s a fantastic metabolic finisher right there.

But if you want a full workout, rest one minute and then repeat 3 to 4 more times.