Bench, Squats, Deadlifts

Dec 12 / Build Muscle

Started a new 4-week program yesterday and my chest is sore...but today I went in to do squats.

Had to move my workouts up by a few days because I'm going to Vegas on Saturday morning (for UFC 98) and staying for meetings the next week, then off to a in New Jersey on Thursday through Saturday.

Today I did...

1) Squat - worked up to 355

2A) Pullups
2B) Olympic Squats

3A) Back Extension
3B) DB Triceps Extension

It wasn't a real tough workout because I was playing around trying to find the right week will be at the right weight...just need to find a good gym in Vegas.

I know the Luxor gym has a squat rack, so I might go there...staying at Planet Hollywood all week though...never stayed there before. Good gym, who knows...

Deadlifts coming up on Wednesday,

Muscle Morphosis, MS