30 Minutes of Exercise, Fat Burning 6 Hours

Nov 11 / Burn Fat

The first minute blood glucose began to consume

The American Athletic Association conducted a study in the subject arm implanted detector, began to exercise blood sugar in the first minute after the start of consumption, 10 minutes after exercise, adipose tissue blood flow increased, indicating that fat began to burn, adipose tissue Blood flow reached a peak at 30 minutes of exercise. Even after the cessation of exercise, the maximum concentration of adipose tissue blood flow can last 6 hours. Fat from the glycerol and fatty acids, the study also analyzed the blood of subjects and found that glycerol and free fatty acids increased, indicating that fat began to destroy.

For 30 minutes to burn fat for 6 hours

According to the results of the study, scientists recommend a deliberate use of exercise, weight loss, the best drummer for 30 minutes, so you can burn fat 6 hours. In order to consume calories, continuous exercise and "step by step", the calories consumed are the same, but if you want to burn more fat, it is best to insist on a continuous exercise for 30 minutes, the fat can burn 6 hours , The best. But exercise time is not too much, studies have shown that exercise time even more than 30 minutes. Fat can only burn 6 hours.

A little breathing is a sign of fat burning

However, people with humble heart and lung function, should not force their continuous movement. Scientists recommend that patients exercise brisk walking, exercise heart rate should reach more than 110 times per minute, a slight feeling of breath, exercise 3 times a week, there will be the effect of body fat decline.