2010 Fitness Predictions

Dec 12 / Build Muscle


2009 was a breakout year for...

- kettlebells
- short burst workouts
- bodyweight exercises
- and "counter-intuitive" nutrition programs

But what does 2010 hold for fitness and nutrition?

Well, you're about to discover my 2010 Top Ten fitness predictions.

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You'll also hear from experts like Jay Ferruggia, Isabel De Los Rios, Vince Del Monte, and Brad Pilon about...

- The Return of Bodybuilding
- The Revenge of Cardio
- The Coming of 7-Day Workout Programs
- The Battle Over Training for Health vs. Training for Looks
- The Latest Cutting-Edge Nutrition & Supplement Techniques
- The Truth About Group Training
- The Hottest New Types of Unique Training

...and much, much more.

Don't be surprised to see your favorite fitness experts disagreeing and even contradicting one another...there's some strong opinions in these predictions.

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So sit back, grab yourself a Green Tea, and join us as we predict the future of fitness AND give you dozens of new workout and diet tips to help you sculpt your body faster than ever in 2010.

To your success!

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Muscle Morphosis, MS
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